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Marketing in Japan

What is Marketing in Japan?

A business, social networking and support community for people who have an interest in either:


Businesses in Japan that want to market, advertise and sell more of their products and services within Japan


Businesses in Japan that want to export, market, advertise and sell their domestic products and services in other countries


International businesses that want to import, market, advertise and sell their products and services within Japan

Japan Focused Industry Groups

Join a group to connect, share and gather marketing information and ideas about your specific industry

You'll have the opportunity to learn many new things and make a bunch of new friends and connections with people who have similar interests and goals as you do

Follow topics that are important to you and your business, including:

Marketing, Advertising and doing Business in Japan

Why become a Marketing in Japan community member?

Would you consider having exclusive access to a passionate community of other successful business owners, entrepreneurs, startups and industry experts who are as experienced or more experienced than you, to be of value?

✔️ Meet people like you. Join our community to meet people like you, who share your interests. Build relationships or even develop strategic alliances / partnerships.

✔️ Get answers to challenging questions. The right question can transform a business. Ask questions or post polls inside topics and industry groups to accelerate your knowledge and experience.

✔️ Make better decisions. Ask the community and get valuable insider information or second opinions to help you make better, more well-informed decisions.
A dedicated community for people who want to network, build relationships and learn more about marketing, advertising, selling, importing or exporting their products and services in, to or from Japan.

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