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Marketing in Japan is a: business, social networking and educational community for people who have an interest in:


Businesses in Japan that want to market, distribute and sell more of their products and services within Japan


Businesses in Japan that want to export, market and distribute their domestic products and services in other countries


International businesses that want to import, market and distribute their products and services within Japan

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We aim to become the ‘go to’ community where business owners, entrepreneurs, industry representatives and expert marketers can search for solutions, share ideas and experiences, get feedback and connect with other passionate people just like you…

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Industry Groups

Connect, share and gather information and ideas that relates to your specific industry

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Expert Member Directory

Meet the MIJ expert panel of marketing, advertising, creative and digital media professionals

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 Search for marketing, advertising and creative media jobs in Japan. Post a new job or add your CV

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Online Webinars

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Business Directory

Marketing, advertising and creative media service providers. Located in or providing services within Japan

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Live Events

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Members Directory

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Knowledge Base

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Education Directory

MBA programs, Universities, Institutions and Training Course providers located in Japan

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MIJ Academy

Free and premium training courses to help you with marketing and growing your business?

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Ideas and Requests

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Discover and discuss proven methods to attract more business and get more customers.
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Do you make these any of mistakes when marketing?

#1 mistake in marketing is underestimating both the importance and complexity of the task…

#2 is delegating responsibility to someone with a lower vested interest in your success than you have…

#3 your marketing is driven by energy and enthusiasm, and not by strategy and systems…

“The greatest enemy of marketing is not ignorance, it’s the illusion of marketing competence”…

“It isn’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble… It’s what you know for sure that just isn’t so”.